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Extreme 2 in 1 Pinball and Arcade Machine / Cabinet Plans

These are some 2 in 1 pinball and arcade machine plans that I have created. They are designed to full body length Williams style pinball machine, along with a 2 player arcade machine setup.

If you don’t want the 2 player arcade setup, simply just replace it with a blank piece of MDF.

Note that these plans are just for the body / MDF parts of the machine. The metal parts such as hinges, legs and the perspex cut outs, I will be posting at a later date.

I have made PDF ready plans for you to cut out or send to a CNC specialist. There are also 3D plans in AutoCAD and SketchUp that you can use with a CNC machine.


  • Height: 1700MM
  • Width: 800MM
  • Depth: 1300MM


  • Material to use is 18MM MDF.
  • The playfield is to fit a 43 inch TV or monitor.
  • The backbox is to fit a 32 inch monitor, 21 inch topper and DMD screen.
  • Buttons are 28mm standard arcade buttons.
  • Joystick to use is a HAPP Competition joystick along with a trackball.
  • The buttons on the left side and right side of the control panel are pinball flipper buttons and nudge.
  • Buttons on the front of the machine are for Start and Exit.
  • Auxiliary buttons are located on the bottom of the machine.
Download PDF Plans with labels
Download PDF Plans without labels


Download AutoCAD DWG, and SketchUp SKP files

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