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Extreme 2 Player Arcade Machine / Cabinet Plans

These are some arcade machine plans that I have created. They are designed to be a modern machine for a MAME or RetroPie setup. 2 joysticks, 8 buttons along with pinball buttons on the side and a trackball.

I have made vector PDF ready plans for you to cut out. There are also  3D plans in SKP, DWG, DXF, IGES and STEP formats that you can use with a CNC machine or CNC specialist.

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  • Height: 1680MM
  • Width: 830MM
  • Depth: 845MM


  • Material to use is 18MM MDF but you could use anything.
  • It will fit a 32inch TV. You will need to drill your own VESA holes on the monitor mount.
  • Buttons are 28mm standard arcade buttons.
  • Joystick to use is a HAPP Competition joystick or a Zippy Long shaft joystick. You may need to do an inner cut / route out a section to ensure your joystick is the correct height. I did not put this in due to the different types of joysticks available.
  • I have made several version of the control panel if the original has too many options there are:
    • Full button configuration with trackball.
    • 8 button configuration without trackball.
    • 6 button configuration without trackball.
  • The 6 buttons on the top of the control panel are for the following (left to right)
    • Coin / Back
    • Start 1
    • Select
    • Exit
    • Start 2
    • Coin / Back
  • The buttons on the left side and right side of the control panel are pinball flipper buttons and nudge.
  • The 2 buttons directly on the front side of the control panel are used for left and right mouse click.
  • The 2 buttons near the speakers are used for Search and Pause.
  • The hole on the front door is 19MM to be used with a cam lock.
  • The hole on top of the machine is a standard 28mm arcade button used for the PC power switch.
  • Large hole in the middle is for a trackball.


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Download AutoCAD DWG, DXF, IGES, STEP and SketchUp SKP files

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